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Did you go to school with Jill and Remy? Or do you know them from here?


From Tumblr

I wish I did go to school with her though.. that would have been great. Another rare artist in the lounging basement of artclass. ^^

So what do you think of my lets plays, do you have any constructive criticism you think might be helpful?

I would say it’s a nice playthough

but I would leave the discussion about the game- about the sequences of events, “as they are happening.” Leave your audience in some suspense in wanting to watch you play a game they might have never seen played before.

Don’t be mistaken by this though, I love how you say the game is so under rated, how some people don’t understand how cool a game like this is, and pointing out some features (nose giggle XD)- but point out the features as you see them, tell them how you feel about the events as they occur- otherwise they’re hearing you say- you’ll understand in 2 minutes what I mean- or- well Mario is supposed to be here- and it kinda ruins the experience because they know how the rest of the playthrough will turnout.

on that cretique… I LOVE LUIGI’S MASSION!!!!!
There is so much nastalgia and throwback, and I love playthtoughs that take in horror! VERY NICE CHOICE! I WANT TO SEE YOU DO MORE! I WUV YOU MG! *hugs*

How To Actually Sit Down And Write


A guide for people with no discipline, difficulties motivating themselves and a tendency to procrastinate, but with ambitious writing projects.

In other words: People like me.

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Alright my Followers, If you’re going to Particapant in Nanowrimo this year, then please reblog and leave your Nanowrimo Profile as response.

Let’s be Writing buddies!

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Victory shall belong to me!

In your dreams! It is I who will win!

You are one of the most amazing writers I know, beautiful amazing, and talented. =)







Thank you! I hope to see some of your writing aswell! Maybe we can edit each others writing too!

D’aaawww~ So cute. But I shall still write circles around the both of you this year, muhahah!

Pfft,You wish! I’ll pass you AND Rem before you know it!

I’m sorry, I can’t hear you over my script writing for my comics.

Script Writing won’t even be able to compare to my Master Novel Writing skills. I won Nano twice in a row my friends. You’re going up against the champion! 

I shall claim the belt from you! Muhahaha! Bow before me future failures!

I think you all forget that I’M entering this year. My narrative is going to blow you BOTH out of the water

Reason why things are so slow is because of class, and I can’t afford to fall behind with anything, but at least I can show you what it is that’s going on. It’s a Video Game! Two in fact- this first one has pictures of a panda and a Kaiju looking thing for a side scroller.
(I know they’re terrible so shut it)

sorry how shoty it looks so far, but I’m trying my best- I NEED LESSONS OKAY!… well here’s this from my commission, more on the way.


Mikey at Night by deda123
Huh,….,Apparently I can draw!…I think…

With all us guys and girls as friends, and other side characters that pop in and out for just amusement.. why is it we look and act like an anime?




This doesn’t need an explanation.

It’s just there

Remi, they have less than happy expressions. Did either one of us goof up?

comes into the room. ” Ok I know I might regret asking this but why are you girls upset?” 

;>.> I hope not..




I have returned~

Hello Tumblr friend

Oh nothing much, Wants some ice cream? 

Yeah- let’s not get married, okay?

Walking through the candy isle at Halloween time…..


*Person walks by with like 10 bags of candy*


Dad’s birthday is Oct.3

Happy Birthday Jen’s DAD!


I was just messing *sob* around and searched *sob* it!