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Where have you been anyway? I guessing school stuff or work

Well, after I got finals out of the way, my computer fired, I got into a depression and almost didn’t come out of it. I started to work as hard as I could to get temp jobs to pay for college in the fall as it happened too.. nothing was quite right. And I almost snapped..

I had “one” friend who was kind enough to get me out of my rut though.. him of all people I had no idea would want to help someone like me.

Now I’m still working for my tuition. BUT I’ve finally pieced together another computer, a great one, working to improve myself because of him. And I’m nearly out of my depression because of someone else. So yeah.. school stuff and work

I’m back


Getting the requests out of the way and posted is first. Nice to be back 6.6

wow.. didn’t know you guys cared =)

I’m back

Getting the requests out of the way and posted is first. Nice to be back 6.6


Bees knees tutorials… on everything..

I’ve been sort of collecting everything I can for this site.. so try it if you want.

I’ve been building this on my off time- no worries guys just one more week till finals are over… [dying]


Title : Friends in the sunlight

by: mr-vortex-and-phoenix-flames.

Drawing your hair Remy was fun and it add gusto to it, these turn out great.

Summer’s almost here!

Love the fanart! ^///^

i just read your spoiler and I'm thinking the villain will be Sombra, also if it's him then that kind of bring me back to were I hade a theory were sombra will come back and that maybe celestial or twilight would turn evil in session 5, sense the use dark magic at one time. Heck twilight use it at least 3 times.

I dunno.. with new characters popping up everywhere this season, with new problems, abilities, and sequences. (I mean did you not see Apple Bloom is now making potions!?)

The Villain has to be new.. no doubt. I know this bums out all the die hard “development” brony fans that want reappearances, depth and cameos- but you and they have to see what direction the writers are going with this.. the villain is going to be new and scary as hell- discord may be brought up to face this THING or whatever it is, and Twilight will HAVE to face it without the elements- but because she is the “spark" element, she SHOULD theoretically control the powers of the entirety of all the princesses.

which… will be awesome

Possible spoilers… probably not though, but HEY I updated

In the season 4 finally- I’m guessing that all the princesses are going to give Twilight all their power to defeat a new enemy.

to me, if an enemy did show up- and the box STILL can’t be opened- it’s what would happen. All of Celestia’s, Luna’s, and Cadence’s power into Twilight… now THAT is some serious pony shiz :T


I say this because she’s a princess now- and it’s the only uprising from all the powers that were given so far- to me, it’s the logical next step and it’s what would happen because she’s ready for it.



Life’s Too Short Reprise - Finished and Fixed

The song “Life’s too Short” is property of Disney. I own nothing but the animation.


Finished version! And yes, the pony next to Star at the last part is Jynx (Olaf)

I’m so so so so happy how this turned out! Some parts are just slideshows,but whatever! I worked too hard for this! I must now post it!

Sorry about the audio, it was the only way I could keep the graphic quality :/

Time used : 5 hours (including yesterday)

No story boarding was used :(


I love this right now! >.<


I was tagged in a thing where I gotta say 5 nice things about myself. So I guess I can feel a little better about myself. I’m kinda honored someone would single me out to do this though.. it’s kinda sweet 6///6

1. I’m a great friend! Loyal and always happy you’re around at least.

2. I’m an awesome hugger- I give awesome hugs!

3. I’m a real video game enthusiast (I kinda rock). I’ve beaten EVERY game I’ve ever played- never had one yet where I couldn’t do specifically that!

4. I’m getting to be a great cook at least- making rice dishes and homemade desserts.

5. I tend to love archery and I may say- I’m pretty good at it

Were those good? Gosh I hope they are.. →

If you guys don’t still know yet- this is me- and I’m really REALLY sorry









A New found level of awesome..

So, forgive me, but I'm truly confused. Are you RPing as THE Doctor and you call yourself Remy? Or are you RPing as like a clone who is named Remy? It's honestly bugging the crap out of me and if I don't get an answer I think I might have to stop following you, no offense because your interactions with your friends is adorable.


I’m sorry but I can’t answer that truthfully, not yet. But while I’m here, why should I say? Leaving to an imagination of things is the reason why artists create, letting their work speak for themselves- either for a laugh or to think about.

I don’t mind if you unfollow me in your frustration though, you have every right to- but your reason for leaving is the most ridiculous thing I’ve ever heard! ^^

And not just that- I’m making something SO big I’m going to need an entirely new blog along side this one to fit all of it… so far I’ve been making loads of stories, art, requests, and history..

And the thing is.. I’ve only gotten started ^^;


You haven’t seen anything from me YET!


Remy: I hope I don’t die..

being truthful- I did the first to get a reaction- but I took it again with my real answers and- 80%... I had no idea I was like that- please don't think less of me >.<;


You must be the most interesting person out there to score %80

I wouldn’t say that.. I haven’t heard nice things about Psychopaths soo..

Remy come here

Step Right Up! Step Right Up! Look no further for the cutest and most rare pony around- The Starcandy

I was asked to draw just Michelangelo.. I mean.. if you’re NOT specific- I’ll just draw what comes to mind- and what came to mind was Mikey being secretly a brony… I can see it ^^;

I hope you like it love, not sure it’s what you wanted or not- sorry 6.6;